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Retirement Power Hours 

Six hours to a more successful retirement in

four, 90-minute power-packed sessions

In this power-packed Masterclass*, you’ll learn how to make your retirement savings more efficient and sustainable for life, while creating a retirement plan you not only understand, but have 100% confidence in.


*The Masterclass On-Demand is updated for 2022!

Here’s what you’ll learn in each class:

  • Class 1: Retirement planning and understanding all the risks you may face in retirement.
  • Class 2: Income Planning/Social Security: How NOT to run out of money, even if retirement lasts 30+ years.
  • Class 3: Investment Management: How to protect your portfolio amidst market volatility.
  • Class 4: Minimizing your taxes to as close to zero as possible, plus a few more tips.

The masterclass is absolutely free…6 hours of valuable retirement planning insights.

 Register for a total of 6 hours of retirement education. Registration includes: unlimited access to a recording of each live class; complementary materials and guides; our 100-page e-workbook of retirement questions and answers; and an Am I Ready for Retirement? assessment and chat with the Masterclass instructor; and a free trial of our Retirement Solved personalized readiness software platform.

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    “This was the best retirement planning class I’ve attended. And I’ve attended many of them. Very educational and entertaining. Brian and Lynn are great presenters!”

    -Gary W.

    You’ll have access to a downloadable PDF of the Big Book of Qs & As or you can purchase a “printed” copy for only $17.99, plus shipping.

    This masterclass is free and includes:

    • 6 hours of recorded educational content
    • Access to a class resource page filled with valuable educational content
    • A 100-page e-book of Retirements Qs & As
    • Am I Ready for Retirement? audit and review chat with the Masterclass instructor
    • Free trial of our Retirement Solved personalized readiness software platform.

    Note: Once you’ve signed up for the class (using the form above), you’ll receive a link to access the class. We’re confident you’ll decide the investment of time is a small investment to get retirement smart. We’ve been teaching the finer points of retirement planning for six years with rave reviews.

    Our first of its kind Retirement Power Hours Masterclass provides up-to-date, research-backed content delivered by experienced retirement educators.

    • Ideal attendees. Those 5-10 years from retirement with at least $250k in assets (individuals) and $500k in assets (couples).
    • Educational only. Absolutely no products are ever sold.
    • Email Any Questions. If at any time during the on-demand sessions, you have a question about any topic, simply email: help@retirementpowerhours.com.

    Our Retirement Power Hours Masterclass & Webinars Combine
    4 Empowering Elements
    to Help You Get Your Retirement Right …


    Smart Research-Backed Insight (vs. a sales pitch)

    We strive to dispel retirement myths and misinformation rampant in the financial industry. We’re “retirement truth seekers” sharing information and strategies based on proven, data-backed theories and academic research. We believe knowledge is power and we’re 100% committed to educating you vs. selling you a product. We also included lots of bonus educational materials and our 100-page workbook.


    Balanced Guidance from Smart Professionals

    Our instructors are not only retirement subject matter experts (who have been teaching people like you all about retirement for many years), but also “hybrid” retirement advisors. This means they are experienced in retirement planning that incorporates investments, insurance and taxes. Retirement guidance should strike a balance between the extreme worlds of investments, insurance and taxes.


    Complimentary Access to Smart Software

    All attendees have access to our smart and powerful, personalized retirement readiness software. It assesses and fills your gaps in retirement knowledge and preparedness, while making sure you follow through with creating and implementing your plan.


    Take Action vs. Just Thinking About It

    Take advantage of an actionable Am I Ready? for Retirement Assessment offered by your instructor following the masterclass. Uncover opportunities to improve your retirement outcome much possible. It’s free and comes with no strings attached.

    70% of people voluntarily give up many retirement income benefits because they don’t know all the facts. Knowledge is power! Get retirement smart today.

    About Your Hosts…

    Lynn Toomey & Brian Saranovitz

    About Brian

    As a baby boomer himself, Brian Saranovitz is a co-founder and president of Your Retirement Advisor, as well as a retirement educator with Retirement Power Hours and investment advisor representative. A former professional football player (most notably for the New England Patriots) and graduate of the University of New Hampshire, Brian has been a financial advisor for more than 35 years. As a jock turned retirement geek, Brian is obsessed with retirement research and finding the best strategies for his students and clients. He loves teaching the finer points of retirement planning and looks forward to meeting you at an upcoming class. Note: Please don’t ask Brian about football, the Patriots, or Celtics, or you might not hear anything about retirement planning!

    About Lynn

    Lynn Toomey is a retirement educator, financial coach and co-founder of Retirement Power Hours. She’s also the founder of Her Retirement, an education and planning company with a proprietary, technology-based platform that helps women live a better retirement. Lynn has 30 years’ experience in launching high-tech and financial services companies. As a personal finance educator, financial wellness coach and fintech creator, Lynn is passionate about her mission to help people everywhere know more and have more…now and in retirement.

    Here’s a few of the national media outlets the duo have been featured in.

    US News & World Report Logo

    Fortune favors the smart, the bold and the prepared.

    Register for access to this one-of-a-kind retirement masterclass today!

    Questions? Call us at (508) 798-5115 or email us at help@retirementpowerhours.com.

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