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How to Build a Bullet-Proof Portfolio that Lasts a Lifetime

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Wednesday, October 6th from 6:30pm-7:30pm (est), followed by a 30-minute Q&A session.


    What You’ll Learn?

    The traditional 60% stock/40% bond portfolio is largely a relic of the past, with alternatives likely to become a bigger portion of retirees’ portfolios over the next decade. In this workshop, we’ll explain why stocks still rock, but bonds are a bust. We’ll show you some interesting alternatives and introduce you to the Hybrid Income Portfolio (HIP). Our retirement portfolio expert will even build a sample HIP during the workshop and demonstrate how it stacks up against the relic!

    In a recorded bonus workshop (accessible after you register for the live workshop), we’ll give you a primer on investment management for retirement.  You’ll learn why protecting against crazy volatile markets, combatting inflation and getting your timing right are all critical. You’ll also learn alpha money management strategies and what top industry academics have to say about the right retirement portfolio.

    We’re confident you’ll leave the workshop with new insights and actionable steps to optimize, maximize, mitigate and protect your portfolio…for life. That’s what we call bullet-proof.

    “This has been very informative and well done. I had a bunch of questions, learned a lot and booked the portfolio audit.”

    -Stephanie C.

    About the Retirement Power Hours Masterclass Series

    The Portfolio Workshop is Week 5 in our repeating Masterclass series

    Here’s the topics we cover each week. Once you register for the Portfolio Workshop you’ll be invited to join us for the remaining sessions.

    Week 1: Retirement and Income Planning – Balanced Guidance and the Middle Way

    Week 2: Retirement Income Sources: Social Security – Overview & Timing your Benefit

    Week 3: Additional Income Sources – How to Fill Your Income Gap

    Week 4: Investment Management Overview – How to Use Your Savings & Investments to Create an Income for Life

    Week 5: Hybrid Income Portfolio Strategy (HIP) – How Build a Bullet-Proof Portfolio that Lasts a Lifetime

    Week 6: Tax Planning for Retirement – Minimizing your taxes to as close to zero as possible

    Week 7: Healthcare, Medicare and Long Term Care – Protecting Your Health & Wellbeing

    Week 8: Estate Planning – Protecting Your Legacy through Wills & Trusts

    Important Details to Note About this Masterclass

    • Classes will take place live weekly on Wednesdays at 6:30pm on a repeating schedule.
    • Ideal attendees. Individuals with at least $250k in assets and couples with at least $500k in assets, 5-10 years from retirement.
    • No fee to attend. This class is typically $49/couple when offered at a local college. We’re offering it complimentary in this new online format.
    • Educational only. Absolutely nothing will be sold.
    • Class materials & free audits. Downloadable class materials & resources, 100-page e-book, and a personalized “Am I Ready? for Retirement” Assessment.

    Note: after registering for the Masterclass, you’ll receive a confirmation email from You will also receive phone, email and text reminders (if you agree to text messages) leading up to your first session, then weekly reminders for each class. Any questions, email:

    What Makes Retirement Power Hours Unique?


    Smart Research-Backed Insight (vs. a sales pitch)

    We strive to dispel retirement myths and misinformation rampant in the financial industry. We’re “retirement truth seekers” sharing information and strategies based on proven, data-backed theories and academic research. We believe knowledge is power and we’re 100% committed to educating you vs. selling you a product.


    Balanced Guidance from Smart Professionals

    Our instructors are not only retirement subject matter experts (who have been teaching people like you all about retirement for many years), but also “hybrid” retirement advisors. This means they are experienced in retirement planning that incorporates investments, insurance and taxes. Retirement guidance should strike a balance between the extreme worlds of investments, insurance and taxes.


    Complimentary Access to Smart Software

    All attendees have access to our smart and powerful, personalized retirement readiness software. It assesses and fills your gaps in retirement knowledge and preparedness, while making sure you follow through with creating and implementing your plan.


    Take Action vs. Just Thinking About It

    Take advantage of an actionable Am I Ready? for Retirement Audit offered by your instructor following the masterclass. Uncover opportunities to improve your retirement outcome much possible. It’s free and comes with no strings attached.

    “74% of people voluntarily give up many retirement income benefits because they don’t know all the facts.”

    (Source: SSA, 2019)

    Brian Saranovitz

    About Your Instructor, Brian Saranovitz

    As a baby boomer himself, Brian Saranovitz is a co-founder and president of Your Retirement Advisor, as well as a retirement educator and investment advisor representative. A former professional football player (most notably for the New England Patriots) and graduate of the University of New Hampshire, Brian has been a financial advisor for more than 30 years at Saranovitz Capital Management, founded by his father Norman in 1970.

    As a jock turned geek, Brian is obsessed with retirement research and finding the best strategies for his students and clients. Brian has witnessed firsthand clients struggling to understand the myriad of issues they face while preparing for retirement. At the same time, he’s witnessed a void in quality, research-backed retirement education, and advice. He loves teaching the finer points of retirement planning and looks forward to meeting you at an upcoming class. Note: Please don’t ask Brian about football, the Patriots, or Celtics, or you might not hear anything about retirement planning!

    Brian’s viewpoints on retirement have been featured in a number of national news media.

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    “Do yourself a favor and take the time to join this class.

    You won’t regret it.”

    -Joan T.

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