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As a reminder, after each session here in the “homework” portal you’ll have access to…

  • A recording of each class
  • Downloadable presentation from each class
  • Materials & resources (aka homework) to complement each class
  • Other bonus materials

You can also request your complimentary Am I Ready for Retirement? Efficiency Assessment at any time, using the links at right. It’s a great benefit (and no-brainer offer) to all students.

We look forward to helping you get ready for retirement, or reset your retirement, if already retired. Enjoy the materials. As always, please email: lynnt@retirementpowerhours.com with ANY questions.

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Feeling a little confused or overwhelmed about all this retirement stuff? No worries, you’re not alone…

When you’re ready to find out if you’re ready for retirement…you have two options

Option 1:

Complimentary Retirement Efficiency Diagnostic (invaluable) 

The RPH Masterclass includes a complimentary (no strings attached) diagnostic that helps you determine what impact the strategies you’ll learn about can have on your retirement. For the diagnostic, you’ll simply fill in your contact info and answer a few financial questions. Then, you’ll select a date and time that works for you to review your results. This can be scheduled at any time before, during or after the classes.

Retirement Efficiency Diagnostic Overview

Option 2:

Discovery Chat

Not ready for an assessment? No worries. You can schedule a Discovery Chat anytime with your instructor to discuss a retirement situation or ask a question.

Take the Retirement Readiness Assessment

You’ll Need About 5 minutes and it will give you some insight into some of your gaps.

Retirement Readiness Software Platform – Free Trial Access

You are highly encouraged to access a free trial of our Retirement Solved personalized readiness software platform.

There are five modules within the software, but the free trial ONLY gives you access to the Assess and Learn Modules. Assess allows you to take a complete financial inventory and have a full view into everything you have, what your projected income is in retirement, your projected expenses and possible gaps. This module allows you to track your net worth, your balance sheet, spending and so much more. The Learn Module provides a retirement knowledge test and then the software gives you a list of e-classes you can take based on how well you score on the test.

Retirement Solved is a great complement to the Masterclass. When was the last time you had a COMPLETE view into your current and future financial life?

Retirement Class 1 “Homework”

What We Covered…

  • Introduction to the RPH Masterclass
  • Retirement Planning
  • Middle Way Guidance – An unbiased and balanced approach in retirement
  • Introduction to Multi-Discipline Retirement Strategies

Reading Materials

Here’s some great reading material & resources to reinforce the concepts you learned in class. Remember: research-backed retirement planning is essential.

(Note: The Multi-Discipline white board video and class covers 5 strategies, while the white paper includes 8 strategies)

The Middle Way White Paper

Multi-Discipline Retirement Strategies White Board Video

Multi-Discipline Retirement Strategies White Paper

Morningstar Alpha, Beta & Gamma Study

Retirement Risks

Retirement Class 2 “Homework”

What We Covered…

Retirement Income Planning & Guaranteed Income Sources: Social Security, DB Contribution Plans & Reverse Mortgages

Reading Materials


Your instructor has suggested the below content to back up some of the concepts reviewed in class.

Income Planning Guide

Social Security Guide

Reverse Mortgage Overview by Wade Pfau

2024 Retirement Planning Cheat Sheet

Retirement Class 3 “Homework”

What We Covered…

Portfolio Risk Optimization

Reading Materials


Your instructor has suggested the below content to back up some of the concepts reviewed in class.

Hybrid Income Portfolio Overview

Hybrid Income Portfolio Video Interview with Brian

Annuity Guide

Employer Sponsored Plans

Retirement Class 4 “Homework”

What We Covered…

Taxes in Retirement Planning and Next Steps

Replay & Presentation

Additional On-Demand Classes



Long Term Care

Long Term Care

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

The Non-Financial Stuff

If you have questions about healthcare, Medicare, long term care, estate planning and would like some direction on the “non-financial” aspects of retirement, then check out our on-demand bundle of classes. You’ll receive access to a pre-recorded class (~60 minutes in duration for each), PowerPoint presentations, workbooks, other supporting materials and access to discounted services.

This bundle of classes is normally $157, but for all RPH students, it’s discounted to $97.

Note: After making your purchase, you will receive an email within 24-hours with access to the classes.

Other Valuable Resources

How to Find An Advisor

In a sea of 300,000 “financial advisors” it’s hard to know who are the right ones for you. Check out the guide below for some suggestions and good luck assembling your team of subject matter experts. And don’t forget to also chat with your instructor who is a Hybrid Retirement Advisor.

Guide to Advisors


Retirement Readiness Checklist

Sometimes after class, you may feel a little overwhelmed by all the information. Check out the below checklist to help you get organized.

Ultimate Retirement Readiness To-Do List


His & Her Emergency Planner

99 pages (fillable PDF) to record all your important details. A valuable document for your loved ones to keep calm and carry on in your absence due to an emergency, incapacitation or your passing.

His & Her Emergency Planner

(only $14.50)

For the version just for “Her”, go to: www.HerEmergencyPlanner.com

When you’re ready to find out if you’re ready for retirement…

You have two options for chatting with your instructor about your retirement readiness.

Option 1: Retirement Efficiency Diagnostic and review/chat

For this, you’ll simply fill in your contact info and answer a few financial questions that will enable your instructor to complete your audit. Then, you’ll select a date and time that works for you. Please allow 5 business days to complete your diagnostic.

Click here to schedule Diagnostic and Chat

Retirement Efficiency Diagnostic Overview


Option 2: Discovery chat only

For this, you’ll simply have a conversation with your instructor about your situation and any questions you have about the class content or your retirement.

Click here to schedule chat only

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