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Congratulations on deciding to check out Class 1 in our 4-part Retirement Power Hours Masterclass. Each of the four 90-minutes classes are taught by a retirement planning researcher, educator, advisor, and guru who’s emerging as one of the top retirement experts in the country.

This first class is offered complimentary, along with some great “homework” (aka class materials) that are a complement to what you’ll learn in class. Class 2, 3 and 4 are available for a small fee of $59 and includes a 100-page book and other bonuses…six hours of research-backed retirement planning education delivered on-demand on your schedule.

We look forward to helping you get ready for retirement. Enjoy the class and research-backed content. As always, please email: lynnt@retirementpowerhours.com with ANY questions. There’s no time like the present to know more and have more. Knowledge is power!

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What You’ll Learn About in this Class…

Retirement Planning | The Right Retirement Strategies | The Major Retirement Risks | Middle Way Guidance – An unbiased and balanced approach in retirement | Safe Withdrawal Rate – How much can you safely withdraw from your portfolio?

“Great class. I really like to listen to Brian. He doesn’t rush through. He’s very thorough and complete on his thoughts and explanations. I’ve sat through other webinars and they are not the same at all. Well done.”   -Phillip K.

Class 1 Materials

This Masterclass is based on 5 key Multi-Discipline Retirement Strategies and some little known tactics within each strategy that can significantly change your retirement outcome for the better. In Class 1 you hear a brief overview of these strategies. In Class 2, 3 and 4 we’ll take a deep dive into each strategy, along with some retirement basics. It’s very important to understand and consider these strategies for your retirement plan. Click each red link at right to view the material.

Purchase Class 2, 3 and 4 Now for Only $59 and you’ll get a hard-copy of this Big Book of Retirement Questions and Answers!

Included in your purchase price are these bonuses…

  • Downloadable presentations from each class
  • Materials and videos (aka homework) to complement each class
  • A 100+ page Big Book of Retirement Questions and Answers (hard-copy and e-book)
  • An Am I Ready for Retirement? complimentary chat and assessment from your instructor
  • Trial access to our Retirement Readiness Software Platform

Here’s what you’ll learn in Class 2, 3 and 4…

Class 2

Guaranteed Income sources in retirement

Maximizing Social Security

Developing a retirement income distribution plan

Class 3

How to protect your portfolio amidst market volatility

Investment Planning – Alpha generating money management

A hybrid strategy to generate both growth and income

Class 4

Minimizing your taxes to as close to zero as possible

Pulling it all together to optimize your retirement income

A few more tips and Are You Ready?

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“I have read many books and I read Morningstar, Seeking Alpha and others daily, and this was one of the most interesting sessions I have attended. I am looking forward to the other classes and materials.”  -Bernie C.

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